About Gary Cohen


My purpose in life is to use my experience, studies and acquired knowledge
to coach, mentor, train and guide as many people as I can
to be the best that they can be.

I am passionate about being a catalyst for people who want
more at work, at home, and at play.

If we came with a personal manual, mine would include a foundation of honesty, loyalty, trust, and respect. There would be many stories of how being curious and open to experiences have led to amazing opportunities, some scary challenges, and travels around the world. It would show how my core values of courage, passion, connection and love, growth and contribution, creativity and adventure, have allowed me to bounce back from some serious detours.

The sections on navigating the highways, byways and detours would also show the importance of celebrating the highs and learning from the lows. The work section would highlight broad life lessons and skills gained from a career that advanced through accounting, banking, sales & marketing, social media, consulting, coaching, and mentoring. It would share stories about some of the amazing and talented people that I met, learned from and worked with, and in rare cases some who were not so amazing! I am privileged to have been on good teams with great captains, and management teams with excellent leaders.

The life lessons I have learned through education, traveling, playing sport, at work, reading and talking with so many people who are way smarter than me, have helped me overcome the challenges of immigrating, some dubious career choices, partial paralysis, depression/anxiety, bad dates and even worse bosses, and success beyond my wildest childhood dreams at work, at home, and at play.

Some of the truths that I have gathered along the way include:



To be successful and function at the highest level, we must be true to ourselves to truly be the best that we can be in everything we do.

“WHY!!!! Then PEOPLE. Then MISSION. And the rest takes care of itself.”


We are most efficient when applying proven solutions from our personal experience and from tapping into the experience of others.

“Always be all-in to learn, motivate, share and positively impact others”


Disappointment can hold you back, paralyze you, or drive you.
Belief is the bare minimum.
Action is everything – Step Up Now!

Focus on effort not outcome for lasting change and transformation

What Others Say…

Gary is a Game Changer

Gary transformed my life in every aspect. In a few short hours,
he helped me see my future and how to get there!

Chris Johnson
Zeren PT

Gary guided me to get out of my head and find my voice

His patient coaching, technical skills, and understanding of self-confidence for expression and visibility are first class. His advice & his support in guiding me towards a public persona were the real gift. I am deeply grateful for his heartwarming, valuable and valued presence on this personal path.

Gontran de Quillacq
Managing Partner

Navesink International

Why Catalyst4More


People Skills

Systems & Process


Empathy & Insight



Client Focus

Things to Remember


I have encountered challenging life experiences and lived through many “adventures” on my journey including relationship wins and losses, work successes and near misses, marriage and parenting 2 boys and 2 girls, sporting ups and downs, and helping friends and family navigate many issues. I have learned some undeniable truths that will help you on your adventures:

  • You are not alone or unique – Your fact pattern has happened before!
  • There are very few new challenges – they are all variations on a theme – Recognizing the patterns
  • Install and maintain patterns that serve you
  • Going from FEARFUL TO FEARLESS takes COURAGE. Once we get clarity on WHY, we take the first step.
  • When you have Clarity you have Certainty, and WHY becomes a way bigger motivator than WHY NOT
  • ACTION takes putting courage above fear
  • Courageous action moves FEARFUL to FEARLESS and transforms fear into fuel
  • NEVER GIVE UP! Everyone fails before they succeed – sometimes multiple times.
  • Practice how you play – and play how you practice
  • The more you practice the luckier you get!
  • It’s all about how we react to what happens to us.
  • What you did yesterday and what you do today, impacts who you are tomorrow
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail
  • Find who you really are at your core to be who you are meant to be


Who are you when no one is around?

Be You! Everyone else is taken!


It doesn’t have to be that way if we recognize the patterns that repeat themselves and we

  • Eliminate the patterns that don’t serve us and undermine us
  • Stoke the fire of the patterns that lead to our successes


Practice in-game situations so you can recognize and execute instinctively in competition.

  • Identify and replace your old repeated patterns that stop you and hold you back.
  • Add new patterns that increase efficiency & efficacy and move you forward

Ready to take your ordinary and blaze a path

Join The Well and gain clarity and purpose;
transform your life with faster, better decisions;
have more happiness and joy;
and raise the bar at work, at home and at play

Align your state, your strategy and your goals
to do more, with less, and in less time

The Well is the right place for the special few
looking for more at work, at home, and at play


The Well is built on decades of experience, study, research,
education, teamwork, analysis and observations and is
refined after every success, failure, rebound and comeback

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Consider This...

The life you live is based on your focus

What you focus on is determined by 3 decisions you make. Do you choose:

1. What you currently have,
or what you want

2. Things you can control,
or things you can’t

3. The Past, The Present,
or The Future

You control what you focus on

Live in the Present – The best gifts come when we are fully present

Dream Big, Plan it, and Act on it

What you focus on is the investment that your future is built on