Live Your Best Life

The Well Masterclass

Thursday March 30th, 2023

2pm – 3.30pm EDT

Introducing The Catalyst4More system

Be The Best That You Can Be

At The Well Masterclass  you will learn how to…

Make your dreams a reality and live your best life

Get out of your head to get out of your own way

Update your life by understanding and updating your story

Use your experience to work for you

Change your mindset, reframe your story, and take back control

Live the congruent life you always wanted!

The benefits include…

Believing in yourself and recognizing your strengths

Identifying what you want and
putting the pieces in place to make it happen


Gaining the tools to live a life filled with
success, love, opportunity, gratitude, authenticity,
happiness, growth, contribution and fun


Learning that there is no better time than NOW!

What changes you can make NOW

That you are stronger than you know…

Understanding that NOW is always the time
to Learn, Grow, Adapt, and BE FEARLESS

Recognizing and respecting that everyone is different

That we all need different things at different times

That we only control ourselves… not others

That you can BE THE BEST YOU!

ACCEPT, REVIEW and LEARN from the Past –

ACT NOW in the Present
It is your investment in and the foundation of your future

It doesn’t have to happen TO you

Understanding the impact of your
energy, emotions, thoughts, and the stories you tell yourself

EMOTION impacts STATE… and your STATE impacts your STORY

Your STORY impacts BELIEFS and the DECISIONS we make…
And how we THINK

What we THINK determines…what we FOCUS ON

Where our FOCUS goes… is how our LIFE FLOWS

Now is your time to MAKE IT HAPPEN…



Hope is not a strategy…
Adjust your habits to exceed your goals!

To play at higher levels…
Practice how you WANT TO PLAY!

“A body in motion stays in motion.”
Isaac Newton

Motion and posture impact energy
This is true for everyone and in everything we do

Move your body…
and you move your brain

Move your brain…
and you function faster and better

If we are not learning and growing…
We stop moving forward!


Owning that you are the producer and director of your movie


Getting clarity and taking action is up to you

There are non-negotiables for being the best that you can be:

#1. WHY? For Decisions, Clarity, Gratitude and Purpose

#2. WHY NOT? For Understanding, Meaning, Empathy, Mastery and new WHY’s

#3. QUESTIONS? For Validation, Confidence, Certainty, Process, Sequence, and Feedback

The HOW? That comes after focus, courage, and #1, #2 & #3!

Often feel successful but not fulfilled?

Doing well but something’s missing?
Is your sense of joy, fun and excitement not the same?
Struggling to prioritize what’s important?
Wondering what happened to balancing work, home and play?
Do you think: Is there More?

You are not alone!

Not reaching your potential?

Getting in your own way of change?
Of opportunity? Of reaching your potential?

It is not just you!

What affects our experiences at work, at home and at play?

Our mindset, experience, beliefs & emotions impact how we experience everything. Life was on track, and suddenly the world turned upside down. The pause gave us pause

It’s our time to change it up and get on track!

How do we step up to manage our emotions, mindset, communications, and decision-making to increase performance, reach our potential, and live the life we dream of?

You adopt a system that aligns and optimizes what you do with who you are meant to be

Where do we find and learn this system?

At Catalyst4More and Gary…

You go to… The Well

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The Well Masterclass!

Are you ready for your life to be

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The Well

Who is The Well for?

The Well is for leaders, high performers and those who want MORE. It is for those that want to unlock the potential they know they have but just don’t seem to reach.

The Well is a proven system for better confident and congruent decision-making, alignment and life balance, and for sustained performance at higher levels.

The Well’s Signature program includes access to an ‘almost’ always on resource of UNLIMITED 30-minute Fast-Take sessions. These sessions provide unrivaled value by helping integrate the system on a real-time basis on your current and future issues. See below for more on the Signature program’s Fast Take sessions.

Why The Well?

As the go-to guy whether in start-ups, banking, accounting, sports, or in the digital & social media marketing company or youth soccer programs I co-founded, I would often hear: “Can you spare 20 minutes? I have something I’d like to run by you.” I had no idea that some of my colleagues saw me as the proverbial “Wishing Well” where they could get answers, and knew if I did not have the answer, I would find it for them.

Recently I was told how valuable a resource the discussions were as brainstorming sessions and as a source for efficient risk mitigation and identifying new opportunities. And I thought I was just being helpful!  Thinking about my senior roles, I know I would have been more efficient, less stressed and even more successful had I had a trusted partner like The Well to call on. And an idea was born.

How does it work?

It starts with an discovery call where we get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. To manage expectations, you should know and expect the unvarnished truth at all times – this is a no BS zone – and I expect no less in return.

The System

Over the years I have developed and refined a multi-layered high performance system that requires having clarity on one’s purpose, always knowing the WHY, and only then working on the HOW.

The system helps you implement relevant learnings from the past keep an eye on the goal (the future), while identifying and brainstorming any possible challenges or pitfalls that may be encountered along the way. It includes a focus on continually analyzing to improve performance.

The Signature Program Fast-Take Sessions

Unlimited 30 minute sessions with a mentor/coach and trusted consultative partner who is there for you as a sounding board and/or advisor for quick hits on:

  • Management issues
  • Client relationship challenges
  • Working remotely
  • Online presence
  • Operational challenges
  • Sales strategy
  • Management issues
  • Client relationship challenges
  • Working remotely
  • Online presence
  • Operational challenges
  • Sales strategy
  • Marketing
  • Managing workload
  • Forward focus
  • Motivation
  • Peak Performance
  • Sports
  • Day to day challenges
  • Long term challenges
  • Life Balance
  • Movement & Direction
  • And pretty much whatever you bring up

Setup an exploratory chat
See we can move the needle for you

The Well Masterclass


March 28th, 2023
2pm – 3.30pm EDT


Details upon registration

100% Guarantee

Come to THE WELL Masterclass and if you don’t see the value, we will give you a full refund

Stepping up every day to
that strive to

I have always done whatever I can to help others. I still do. If I am not reading books and posts, listening to podcasts, taking courses, or speaking with and learning from others, growing and sharing, you will find me chasing my dreams and following my passions. These include being the best that I can be as a husband and dad to my 2 sons and 2 daughters, having more fun and getting better at golf and snowboarding, taking photos, traveling, enjoying time with friends, and learning from experiences – good and bad – and telling you about them!

I get up in the morning excited to take on the awesome responsibilities and challenges of being a trainer, coach, manager, leader, mentor, and/or guide for high-performance individuals and teams. My purpose is to guide individuals, teams, and their members to BE THE BEST THAT THEY CAN BE. Because if THEY ARE, then WE ARE, and by extension, I AM too. EVERYONE WINS – individual, team, division, company, customers, community and stakeholders. 

Ready to be the best you and get used to winning? Click below to find out how we can help you raise the bar and be the best that you can be.  Looking forward to helping you do just that.

What People say…

Gary has been a true mentor.  He helped me get out of my head and find my voice. His advice and support in guiding me were a gift.

Gontran de Quillacq – Managing Partner
Navesink International

Gary gets it. After a long period, Gary helped me move to a positive mindset. Through forward thinking he helped me reposition and land.

DA, VP Stategy and Legal

Wow Gary!  That’s all I have to say. Maybe one bit more. You got me to sit up and take note. That’s how results happen. Do your best, make your intent clear and precise, be kind, be humble, and then surrender.


“So thoughtful practical and you keep it real. I so appreciate that….Man you have truly been a blessing to me in more ways than one. I just want to say thank you!”


Gary is a GAMECHANGER! He transformed my life in every aspect. He helped me see my future and how I get there!

Chris Johnson – Zeren PT

His mindset adjustment made a huge difference
With his guidance, I was able to explore a new and compelling opportunity – ultimately resulting in a job offer.

Michael La Tona – Head of Product, Americas

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Consider This...

The life you live is based on your focus

What you focus on is determined by 3 decisions you make. Do you choose:

1. What you currently have,
or what you want

2. Things you can control,
or things you can’t

3. The Past, The Present,
or The Future

You control what you focus on

Live in the Present – The best gifts come when we are fully present

Dream Big, Plan it, and Act on it

What you focus on is the investment that your future is built on